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Select 1 or 2 options from each of three courses of our menu (depends on amount of people) or just let us know what type of cuisine do you prefer.
Our Chef will shop for all the ingredients
and will prepare, cook, and serve you and your friends, family, guests (with one waitress as minimum) in your house, villa, hotel etc.
Don’t worry about clean-up, our Chef and his team do that as well!

Starting at 65usd/per person ($300 minimum plus the cost of groceries)
You can always ask us about the “all inclusive” price.

Starting at 39 usd/per person ($590 minimum plus the cost of bartender service, furniture rental, tableware rental, event site rental, decoration, transportation costs, pastry chef services. (If necessary!)

We can do it right on your villa or hotel. We need some space for that and please don’t worry about your culinary skills level. After that 3-3,5 hours with our Chef you‘ll be able to cook amazing Mexican dishes from start to finish easily and then you will eat it in the warm and funny atmosphere with your friends or family!
It’s a perfect experience and unforgettable moments and recipes for your whole life.

Starting at 120usd/per person ($480 minimum. This price is “all inclusive” for the three amazing Mexican dishes. Equipment is provided.
Please ask us what type of dishes can be on your personal culinary class.

Enjoy your stay on the Riviera Maya with the professional five-stars chef all day long or just a some parts of your vacation.
Our Chef will create a special menu based on all of your wishes, then he will shop for you every day fresh ingredients only and will cook and serve you and your friends, family, guests (with one waitress as minimum) in your house, villa, hotel etc.
Don’t worry about clean-up, our Chef and his team do that as well!

Starting at 79usd/per person ($395 minimum plus the cost of groceries)

Exclusive private fine dining experience in front of the Chef. Degustation set (5 or 7 courses dinner with local ingredients will tell you about the traditions of Mexican cuisine in different regions/states of the country.

The combination of classic ingredients and the author's approach to the unique menu will make this evening simple unforgettable.

Starting at 125usd/per person ($580 minimum. This price is “all inclusive” without alcohol pairing). Please ask us about our wine or tequila pairings and your special price for our SEVEN courses menu.

We provide expert bartenders and bar service for parties of any size. Our staff is fully trained and will support all of your wishes. We handle everything needed for full bar service including specialty drink design, alcohol ordering or support, and provide all equipment needed for your full bar to include supplies such as: a portable bar, ice, soda, mixers, garnish, cups/glasses, napkins, and of course talented and experienced staff.

Starting at 19usd/per person, four hours service ($180 minimum plus the cost of alcohol and groceries)
Exclusive private experience for you and your friends or family. Degustation set (5 or 7 types of Tequila, Mezcal or Mexican wine with a seasonal local appetisers (“botanas”) will make that day very special!

Starting with a “young” drinks, you will gradually rise to the top of taste and will be able to feel the real spirit of Mexico!

Starting at 95usd/per person for the five types of drinks and tapas ($570 minimum. This price is “all inclusive”.)
Please ask us about our SEVEN brands and seven appetisers degustation menu.
We have a real professional pastry cooks in our team and one of them will be happy to add to your event more creative and more sweetness!
Any style of the Wedding cakes, Candy bars, Birthday cakes, sweet Presents for your guests or what else do you want…

Starting at 53usd/per kilo ($159 minimum plus cost of the special packing and transportation (if needed)

Our head Chef is the first private Kosher Chef on Riviera Maya! We have a kosher kitchen equipment and very well educated with the traditional Kosher rules and restrictions.
Enjoy your stay on the Riviera Maya with the professional five-stars Kosher Chef all day long or just a some parts of your vacation and be safe in the comfortable food atmosphere so far away from your home.

Our Chef will create a special menu based on all of your wishes, then he will shop for you every day kosher ingredients only and will cook and serve you and your friends, family, guests (with one waitress as minimum) in your house, villa, hotel etc.
Don’t worry about clean-up, our team will do that as well!

Starting at 85usd/per person ($360 minimum plus the cost of groceries)

- Mushroom omelette
- Pan fried panela cheese
- Guacamole
- French toasts
- Assorted cold cuts (meat)
- Mini muffins/pancakes
- Assorted fruits plates
- Mango smoothie
- Orange juice, coffee
- “Loco Moco”: amazing Hawaiian style breakfast with meat patty, rice, mushroom gravy and sunny side up egg (with two extra sauces)
- My “Mexican salad” with vegetables and grilled corn
- Crunchy toasts
- Homemade chocolate cookies/muffins
- Assorted tropical fruits
- Mix of berries smoothie
- Grapefruit juice, coffee
- Pozole: legendary Mexican meat soup with overcooked white corn and fresh vegetables on the top
- “Nicoise” salad with yellow fin tuna, vegetables and olives
- Traditional Mexican breakfast "Huevos rancheros" (eggs, beans and chorizo with salsa ranchero)
- Guacamole with cotija cheese
- Hush brown or roasted potato
- Yogurt with granola, honey and berries
- Assorted tropical fruits
- Chocolate smoothie
- Orange juice, coffee
- “Sopa de lima”: traditional Yucatan style chicken soup with baked vegetables and lime juice
- My “Cesar salad” with chicken and quail eggs
- Andalusian tomato gazpacho cold soup with strawberry
- Signature “Caribbean salad” with shrimps, papaya, avocado under orange/garlic dressing
Breakfast #1
Breakfast #2
Breakfast #3
My signature lightly roasted yellow fin tuna tostada with caramelised onion and sesame sauce

Ribeye tacos with blue cheese and avocado cream

Oaxaca style assorted farm tomatoes salad with baked beetroot vinaigrette

South American shrimp ceviche with fresh tomato and shrimp broth “leche de tigre”, kiwi and grilled corn

“Mexican flag” base shrimp tostada with cream cheese, avocado, tomato jam and caviar

Beef or Tuna tataki with 20 ingredients secret marinade

Salmon carpaccio with fresh grapefruit capers and herbs

Sopa de lima: famous Yucatan chicken soup with roasted vegetables and lemon juice

Classic French Nicoise salad with local tuna

Roasted local fish fillet, almond romesco sauce, lecso style baked & marinated bell pepper

Vegetarian grilled vegetables salad with quinoa and corn

Saffron & carrot hummus, local shrimp, three herbs oil

Jalapeño chili poppers with two types of cheese and my version of pico de gallo

Local pumpkin cream soup with rosemary, croutons and garlic shrimps

Italian Caprese salad with avocado and artichoke

Shrimp & pork Chinese dumplings with salsa ponzu
My version of the oldest Yucatan dish: TIKIN XIC: grilled fish under the baked vegetables and cauliflower cream

Sopa de Mariscos: traditional Mexican assorted seafood soup. Served with rice

Surf&Turf: local beef tenderloin, tiger shrimps, potato mousseline, black truffle

Arrachera steak, bone marrow with lemon gremolata and corn pure

Grilled giant portobello mushroom, sweet potato, cream cheese, smoked prune, Oaxaca style chocolate mole

Siberian style dumplings with three types of meat and amazing mushroom & truffle cream sauce

Green risotto parmigiano with asparagus and local shrimps

Grilled local octopus with carrot and macadamia mole sauce (or cauliflower cream for your choice)

Thai style fried rice with honey glazed salmon and baked garlic-lime aioli

Asian style beef and vegetables WOK stirfry noodles

Chili con carne: texmex style ground beef, assorted chili, beans, cocao and vegetables stew served in a baked local pumpkin with sour cream

Paella mixta: chicken, saffron and seafood

Mexican classic: beef & chicken fajitas, grilled corn, guacamole, frijoles salad
MAIN course
Signature frozen local mango cake

Classic French chocolate fondant

Coconut Panna Cotta with passion fruit sauce

Orange Crema Catalana

Clafoutis with drunk cherry and cream cheese.

Grilled pineapple carpaccio with strawberry sorbet, macerated strawberry and basil

Mexican chocolate flan

Burnt Basque cheesecake "San Sebastián"

I am a professional chef with more than 18 years of experience in various countries and cuisines from around the world, including Mexico, Spain, Italy, Thailand, France, the Philippines, Russia, and more. In 2012, I opened my own catering company, serving more than 20,000 customers. In 2013, I established a cooking school where I trained over 8,000 individuals. In 2015, I opened a restaurant named "Personal Che’f" in the Philippines, which held the title of the best restaurant in Bohol Province for three consecutive years. All this allows me to cook any cuisine from the world, transform my favorite Mexican cuisine and create unique author's masterpieces. Since 2018, I have returned to the Mexican paradise...
+52 664 3017904
Tulum • Playa Del Carmen • Cancun • Cozumel

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be notified in writing to all parties involved (via Chefinmexico internal messaging between chefs and clients) and to the Chefinmexico concierge team at

When the diner decides to cancel a reservation, the following scenarios may apply:

Any canceled reservations more than 30 days before the reservation: the diner can choose between receiving a 50% refund of the value of the reservation* OR rescheduling the reservation with the same chef within the following 180 days.
Reservations canceled less than 29 days before the scheduled date: no refund applies*
Refunds may take 3-7 business days to process after the cancellation notice. If you have any questions or if you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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